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Magic Mushroom Edibles for sale
buy magic mushroom edibles. When it comes to exploring the world of magic mushrooms, chocolate is a must-have ingredient in creating delicious magic mushroom recipes. Delicious and easy to make, merging these two ingredients can make for a truly mystical experience. If you’re new to incorporating shrooms into your diet, then these 3 mouthwatering magic mushroom chocolate recipes are perfect for beginners looking to tantalize their taste buds with an out-of-this-world treat!
Dosage doesn’t need to be complicated. One raw dose per portion is all it takes–simple, yet effective. Generally, it is most precise to measure mushrooms in grams. For many people, 1 gram of psilocybin yields a rewarding experience and that dose may be enough for them. If you’re seeking a more intense psychedelic experience, then increasing your dosage up to 3.5 g will get you there–but only if you are an experienced user!

Before indulging in chocolatey goodness containing psilocybin mushrooms, make certain to research the specific kind of mushroom you are consuming. Furthermore, do your due diligence and study up on the specific variety in order to get an accurate understanding of how much you should consume.

Of all psychedelic mushrooms, Psilocybe cubensis stands out as the most renowned. Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that variants of this species possess equal potency; however, there are exceptions which have been found to be especially potent. Visit our list of some of the strongest Psilocybe cubensis strains!
Magic Mushroom Chocolate (25 chocolates)
The easiest and most efficient way to craft a chocolate treat laced with magic mushrooms is outlined below. Not only is it simple and fast, but the result makes an indulgent snack full of magical fun! So check out the steps below to concoct this culinary variety of whimsy and delight.


One 12 ounce bag of chocolate chips
One ounce of dried psilocybin mushrooms
4 tbsp crushed hazelnuts
2 tbsp of finely crushed, buttery toffee
2 tbsp of freshly shredded coconut

What you’ll need

Coffee or cannabis grinder or a knife
Glass bowl
Sauce pan
Paper cups or chocolate molds
Food thermometer


Grind your dried psilocybin mushrooms into a fine powder using a coffee or cannabis grinder. You may have to break it up into batches for optimal results—making sure that all of the mushroom is evenly ground before moving on. Then, pick out any type of chocolate you’d like so you can begin stirring in its delicious flavor!
Double-boil your chocolate to melt it. To double-boil, start by filling a pot with water about halfway. Place a bowl that’s slightly larger than the mouth of the pot over it so only its bottom half is submerged in the water – be careful not to fill too much or else your chocolate will get wet!
Let the chocolate cool to a lukewarm temperature, careful not to let it harden — since overly hot temperatures can cause harm to your mushrooms.
Carefully stir the powdered mushrooms into your melted chocolate, and ensure that you break up any clumps of mushroom powder in order to ensure an even distribution of psilocybin throughout.
Carefully pour the mixture into molds or mini paper cups.
Allow the mixture to chill until it hardens. To expedite the cooling, you can use a pan of ice water or place it in the refrigerator.

Nutella Mushroom Hot Chocolate ( 4 servings)
The words that come to mind are simply indescribable: frothy, warm and nutellery-filled…and chocolatey! Creamy. We could carry on for days waxing poetic about this delightful drink; however, some things truly must be experienced firsthand.
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Magic Mushroom Edibles

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